Stream Love Island on ITV2 from abroad without getting blocked ! Here's what happened on Episode One...

Stream Love Island on ITV2 from abroad without getting blocked ! Here's what happened on Episode One...


OK , so we’re not gonna do a full running commentary on LOVE ISLAND ITV2 9pm, but it’s worth having a recap of thew first, cringeworthy episode !!


The promise of something new fell a little short as apart from a larger villa not much seems to have changed.

The Bikinis are still stealing the show, and in many cases have more charisma than their owners.

Of course Favourite sex positions were discussed as a priority, and being 24 is now considered “old” !

Series eight did open with a mediocre twist, as the public had already voted for which couples they want to pair up. The girls react in horror at the thought of being partnered with a man who may not be their ‘type’.

And one by one, the boys learn their fate too. How bad could it be ??

It all makes for rather laborious viewing and by the end, nobody looks particularly happy, and as we sit at home we really don’t feel their pain…

The aforementioned sex position conversation between Luca and Paige, sparking a million Google searches for a “broken needle”

Tasha and Andrew get little airtime together, although she does tell the others about her cochlear implant, making for the first moving moment of the series.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot of cringe and ickiness in the episode too. Both Luca and Andrew announce that they have their eyes on Paige, Gemma and Tasha – AKA the three white women. Love Island’s relationship with race has long been discussed. How this plot line develops could have either very positive or disastrous consequences for the shows producers. Let’s hope we all feel the love as things progress.

Eventually Davide arrives as the first bombshell of episode one. The boys insist they’re not threatened, but seeing the reaction the girls are giving him, they probably should be.

After much to and fro finally confirming that none of them know how to pronounce Davide’s name, the girls start to make their moves.

Paige is talking to the self-proclaimed “Italian stallion”, when he gets a text..ta dah !

In the next 24 hours, he will have to to choose the girl he wants to couple up with, leaving one boy vulnerable to the exit door.

To be fair this is how the show is structured, but the perceived trepidation needs a little longer to develop, so we at least give a toss about the possible evictee, but still the islanders are left reeling. Have they not seen the show ??

Sitting here, I feel less impressed. Are we hoping for the impossible ?

Has Love Island changed ? Who Knows ? Who even really cares ?

It’s the show we love to criticise and regardless of all of the above we will be logging in at 9pm every night to stream it all on ITV2.

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