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Very few of us spend any time thinking about our web browsers.  Your browser is the interface that connects us to the internet. If you use a Google device, Chrome will be your default browser. Whilst on Apple devices, Safari is set as the default.  In the past we just had to make do with Internet Explorer, which is the proprietary browser of Microsoft, and came pre installed on all of their PC’s and laptops. These days we have multiple browsers to choose from, but for this article we will look at the two leading contenders…Chrome and Safari. Read more

IP addresses allow devices connected to the internet to communicate with web servers. There are many types of IP addresses and in this blog post we attempt to explain and compare the differences. What is an IP address? An IP address stands for Internet Protocol Address. It's a form of numbers that identify a device connected to the wider internet. It's like a mailbox address, and it's needed so that devices and servers could exchange and share information with each another. Read more