Use your Amazon Fire device abroad without getting blocked !

Use your Amazon Fire device abroad without getting blocked !

The Amazon Fire streaming devices include several options for streaming online content on your smart TV.

The original fire stick has developed into a  fantastic 4K voice controlled streamer, whilst it’s bigger brother the Fire Cube hosts a super powerful chip specifically designed to manage whatever data stream is available. It really does pack a punch where local broadband speeds fluctuate.

Here at StreamVPN we have developed our own VPN App, available in the Amazon App Store, that allows you to have our VPN running in the background on your Fire Stick/Cube, which in turn gives you the freedom to use your UK TV Apps such as iPlayer ITVHub and NOW when you work, live or travel abroad.

Without our VPN you will be blocked from accessing your favourite shows such as Love Island, Match of the Day and Strictly, simply because you are outside of the UK. Our App works by flipping your overseas IP address into a UK IP, which allows you to view whatever UK Apps you already have installed on you Fire Device. It really is as easy as that !

So every time you go on holiday or have a work trip abroad you can just carry your Amazon Fire device abroad with you and plug it into any HDMI ready TV, connect to the internet at your hotel, apartment or villa, and watch everything as if you were at home. Our plans range from monthly to a 24 month subscription, and we also offer a 30 day guarantee.

We have been in business since 2009 and have many thousands of satisfied customers around the world, and don’t forget StreamVPN is the only VPN provider dedicated to streaming, where many of our competitors have given up. We don’t get sidetracked with excessive security claims or encryption levels…we just unblock TV content so you can stay in touch with home.