How does Google work, and how did you find us ??

How does Google work / How did you find us ?


Since it’s creation in the late 1990’s Google has been the most visited web page on the internet.

So how exactly does Google find what you are looking for?  Well Google uses automated programs called “spiders and crawlers” that whiz around the internet reporting back with whatever they find to head office.

When you key in the words that best describe what you are looking for ie “Stream iPlayer abroad” or “Stream Love Island from abroad” Google head office picks up your search request and finds the web pages that are most relevant to your keywords.

Google then ranks the pages it has found according to several, in fact hundreds of criteria, that it’s famous algorithm ‘Page Rank’ then assigns a score to for relevance. It then shuffles the deck to produce it’s organic search results

Some of the key criteria are as follows

  • The location and frequency of keywords within the Web page: If the keyword appears only once within the body of the page, it will receive low score for that keyword.
  • How long that Web page has existed: People create new Website pages every day, and not all of them stick around for so long. Google places more value on pages with an established history.
  • The number of  Web pages that link to the page in question: Google looks at how many Web pages are link to a particular site to determine its relevance.


So how does Google generate it’s stagnagerous revenue ?

It has two main services called Ads and AdSense. The first is where advertisers submit ads to Google that include the keywords relating to the websites products, services or business. When you search on Google using keywords to describe what you are looking for, it finds the most relevant Advertisements and presents you with the results.

The advertiser pays Google every single time a user clicks on the ad and is directed toward the advertiser's site. As you can imagine just a few pence per click soon adds up to billions of pounds as people around the world click on the Ads searching for products and services.

AdSense is a similar tool, however instead of displaying ads on the Google search engine website designers can choose to integrate ads onto another site. You could put an ad on a YouTube video for example, where Google's spiders crawl the site and analyse the content.

Then, Google selects ads that contain keywords relevant to that website’s ad. Then every time someone clicks on one of the ads contained or presented during the YouTube film, the host of the YouTube account receives a portion of the ad revenue…whilst Google gets the rest. NICE !

Finally Google Analytics tracks all of the traffic going through it’s search engine and AdSense pages, and it presents all of this data…popular keywords..number of clicks…pages visited…cost per click…cost per conversion…etc etc on the Analytics platform, to help advertisers better understand their customers requirements and preferences.

With both Ads and AdSense, Google's intention is to provide advertisers with ad placements that are directly targeted to Google users who are most likely to buy their products or services and, to provide users information that is most relevant to what they're looking for.


So what do you think ?

Did you find www.StreamVPN via Google search…or Google Ads ?

How often do you Google for a product…versus a search for information ?

Let us know via our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter…if you can find us !!!