How does the NOW TV APP work with a VPN ?

Watch NOW with UK VPN

Unlike other streaming platforms such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, NOW offers viewing “passes” – for their Entertainment, Cinema, Hayu, and Sports packages.

Hayu is a dedicated reality TV channel, whilst the other packages are self explanatory.

The NOW business model differs from the other streaming services as it allows you to choose which type of pass – or passes – you would like to subscribe to.

Most of them are available on a month by month basis, though the Now Sports pass is also available as a “Day Pass” which allows you to buy 24 hour access, to a big sports event.

The US Masters is on from 7th to 10th April this week, so you could watch the full final days coverage on Sunday for just £9.99 or if you are really clever, you can get a 7 days free trial to coincide with the full four days !! By using our UK VPN you can watch the Sky Sports Masters coverage from outside the UK, without getting blocked !

There is one additional package called “NOW Boost” which is an add-on that offers extra features, including Full 1080p HD quality, Dolby 5.1 sound, and the ability to stream on three devices instead of one. It typically costs an extra £5 per month on top of one of the passes.

Where Can I Watch NOW?

With NOW no longer selling their own streaming devices, their focus is on making the NOW App available on as many platforms as possible.

Some of the devices you can use to stream NOW, are:

Roku Streaming Devices, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Apple TV HD or 4K, Samsung Smart TVs, Gaming Consoles, Mobiles phones (both iOS and Android), Android TV (only on Sony TVs, for now)

The options are many and varied, and if you are outside the UK don’t forget our Stream VPN Pro App and our UK VPN For Mac and Windows will give you access to all of the NOW streaming packages…without being blocked !!