GL.iNet Partnership

GL.iNet Mamgo Roiuter


StreamVPN have partnered with GL.iNet routers to provide the best possible VPN router network service. The GL.iNet Team are based in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, and are devoted to making hardware designed specifically for use with with open-sourced VPN software.

All devices connected to the VPN Router will have a VPN connection regardless of whether they individually support VPN eg. the Roku Streamer doesn't itself support VPN.

And the best news is you only pay for one connection, but get all devices connected within the same household. GL.iNet Our routers are very high specification and will increase the speed, range and streaming quality within your household.

Visit to check out the various specification routers that are available.

The GL.iNet Docs page provides quick and easy access to the most comprehensive guidelines on the GL.iNet's products. Detailed user manuals and video tutorials are available for everyGL.iNet user, from beginner to advanced. So you can be assured that help and guidance are available through the GL.iNet support pages.

Help is available for technical questions when you use GL.iNet products. They have built a community for you to share your ideas with other users via their forum at

There is also a Facebook page and a Twitter account to share with and refer to.

Even if you have some really in-depth technical questions that arise, there is direct email support at [email protected]

We hope to develop our partnership over the coming months and we will post updates on our blog and social media feeds.