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Bit Torrent with Peace of Mind

Do you feel safe when you Bit Torrent? Torrenting is a popular way to share files over the Internet. However those activities tend to be illegal due to the users share copyright protected files. With authorities continuously seeking for legality breakers is important for the torrenters to ensure security and anonymity.

No one wants to live in constant paranoia in the internet age, but it’s hard to outrun that ominous feeling, that we are one false move away from giving away our identity and leaving ourselves open to being targeted by the atuhorities or copyright holders. It’s a harsh reality, but thankfully having a VPN service (Virtual Private Network) in your corner can hide your identity and keep to safe.

At StreamVPN, we have developed all the necessary features required to keep you safe and private on the web, including;

  • AES 256 bit encrpytion to protect your data against snoopers
  • Kill Switch that shuts down your internet in the event VPN connection is lost, guaranteeing your real IP will never be revealed 
  • DNS leakage protection to ensure no one can see the sites you have visited
  • For really serious privacy! random and jump connections, selects a server from our 120 VPN servers and renews the connection every 30-45 minutes
  • Stealth mode to mask the VPN connection from the authorities who try to block VPNs 
  • Absolutely no Logs 

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